Titanium Nitride Coated 3/8″ Cut, 3/8″ Shank, 3/4″ LOC, 2-1/2″ OAL


This high speed steel end mill is coated with titanium nitride for increased hardness and durability. It has a 3/8″ mill diameter and a 3/8″ shank diameter with an overall length of 2 1/2″ and a length of cut of 3/4″, great for box joints!


This titanium nitride coated high speed steel end mill is a double fluted, spiral up-cut bit. It has a mill diameter of 3/8 inch and a shank diameter of 3/8 inch. The length of cut is 3/4 inch and the overall length of the bit is 2 1/2 inches. This shorter bit is great for cutting box joints.

What is Titanium Nitride Coating?

Titanium Nitride is a compound with extreme hardness and heat resistance. Ions of Titanium are mixed with nitrogen ions in a vacuum chamber. This mixture is then bonded to the cutting tool surface as an extremely uniform coating of Titanium Nitride.

Because the coating is only .0001 thick, the geometry and concentricity of the cutter remain virtually unaffected.

TiN coating provides an end mill with a surface hardness of over 80 Rc compared to high speed steel hardness of 63-67 Rc.

What are the Benefits of TiN Coating?

  • Provides increased surface hardness: With a surface hardness of over 80Rc, the TiN coating protects the cutting edge from abrasion and provides protection against the damaging effects of heat generated at the cutting edge.
  • Provides increased durability: With a hard, heat resistant TiN coating, sharpness is prolonged without the usual problems of breaking and chipping often found in cutting tools like carbide.
  • Provides wear resistance: Since the extremely hard coating transfers far less heat than an uncoated tool, the wear resistance is greatly increased, therefore much greater tool life can be expected.
  • Provides higher lubricity: The coefficient of friction of Titanium Nitride is lower than even that of hard chrome. This provides for quicker chip dissipation, less heat buildup, and a superior workplace finish.

What Happens After Regrinding?

Some of the benefits of Titanium Nitride coated tools can still be realized after resharpening. This is because the TiN coating remains on the profile of the flute right up to the cutting edge. As a result, resharpened TiN coated tools will still show significantly less wear than uncoated HSS tools.

What Improvements Can I Find When Using TiN Coated End Mills?

  • Longer tool life: TiN coated end mills can be run from four (4) to as much as twelve (12) times longer in applications where HSS end mills were being used. The material being cut will affect the results, so each application may vary in its savings.
  • Since TiN coating provides a freer cutting action, many jobs can be run at a higher feed rate!
  • Lower production cost per part: Longer tool life, higher feed rate, and better finishes can result in substantial cost savings. A 30% increase in productivity combined with a 300% increase in tool life can realistically be obtained.
  • Some other benefits commonly found are: -Less downtime because of less tool changing.-Better ability to hold tolerances due to low wear.-Increased number of regrinds per tool.

    -Ability to cut difficult materials (extremely hard or dense woods).

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Bit Material

Titanium Nitride Coated High Speed Steel

Mill Diameter


Shank Diameter


Length of Cut


Overall Length

2 1/2"


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