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The Master Insert Holder will hold 14 different sized tenon insert sets. This allows flexibility in switching out different sized tenons and different versions of each sized tenon. Achieve accurate rounded corner tenons in seconds on the Multi-Router.

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Master Insert HolderThe Master Insert Holder is used to hold different size tenon insert sets. The advantage to this system is that you only need one template and when you need a different size, just swap out the inserts. The inserts also come in three different versions of the tenon size, to compensate for variations in your bit and your wood.

Variable size templates are used to compensate for dimensionally inaccurate cutting bits. Undersized cutting bits may be caused by sharpening the bit, or by inaccuracies in the original size of the bit. The Variable Size Template System consists of fourteen different sized tenon templates. Each tenon size comes with a set of three inserts marked “A”, “B”, & “C”. The woodworker selects the size insert that is needed, attaches it to the master, and makes the desired tenon. Of the three sizes “A” is on dimension, “B” will produce a tenon .010 smaller than “A”, and “C” will produce a tenon .010 smaller than “B.” This will give you a tremendous amount of flexibility if you sharpen your bits, or if you machine different species of wood.

  • Use with various insert sets on the Mulit-Router to achieve a rounded corner tenon.
  • Master Insert Holder will hold 14 different size tenon insert sets!
  • Dependable accuracy and repeatability.
  • Produce multiple tenons in seconds!

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