Dovetail Template Set


The Dovetail Set comes with two templates that will produce the Tails and Pins of a Dovetail Joint on the Multi-Router. Create dovetails of any width on any length of stock. Great for large drawers and boxes!

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The Dovetail Template Set for the Multi-Router consists of two templates. One template produces the Tail portion and the other template produces the Pins. With the Dovetail template you can achieve accurate Dovetail Joints. Dovetailing on the Multi-Router is quick and easy, however, only through dovetails can be created. The Dovetail set is best suited for larger drawers or boxes.

  • Use on the Mulit-Router to achieve a dovetail joint.
  • Width of dovetail is unlimited when you step and repeat.
  • Since the Mulit-Router is horizontal, you can cut dovetails on longer pieces of wood with no problem!
  • Great for larger drawers or boxes!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Template Heigt


Template Width


Template Depth


Cutting Bit Size

3/4" – 14º Dovetail Bit in combination with a 3/8" end mill to create a standard dovetail. Or a 1/2" – 14º Dovetail Bit with a 1/2" end mill to achieve a dovetail with an alternate "look".


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