Box Joint Template


The Box Joint Template is for use with the Multi-Router. Achieve stunning finger joints in seconds. Choose from 2 different sizes in the drop-down window below.



With the Box Joint template you can achieve different sized Box Joints. The 1/4″ Box Joint Template produces 1/4″ fingers for smaller boxes, while the 3/8″ Template is used for larger boxes or drawers. The Multi-Router instruction manual shows how to create angled and compound angled box joints. The Box Joint Templates for the Multi-Router will achieve a stunning finger joint. Choose the finger size from the drop down window.

  • Use with the Mulit-Router to achieve a circular tenon.
  • Choose from 2 different sizes!
  • Dependable accuracy and repeat-ability.
  • Width of box joint is unlimited when you step and repeat!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Cutting Bit Size

1/4" Bit for the 1/4" Box Joint – 3/8" Bit for the 3/8" Box Joint

Template Height


Template Width


Template Depth



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