One of the most time consuming parts of professional woodworking is the joining of two pieces. The JDS Multi-Router is the game changer that the industry needs. Using a remarkable technique for cutting wood, this dovetail joint router is a dream for carpenters and woodworkers alike.

The Multi-Router is a high-quality tool designed to make joinery an easy task. Custom furniture makers and cabinet makers will be very pleased with the versatility of this mortise machine. It really promotes the innovation of the woodworking industry.

A unique system of templates and ball bearing-tipped stylus allows for accurately produced dovetail joints on this router. Seconds is all it takes to create mortises, tenons, box joints, and more. The quality of product produced by the Multi-Router makes for a remarkable and rewarding woodworking experience.

The systems of templates are traced by a ball bearing stylus that controls the movements of the router bit, producing extremely consistent results. Such consistency is vital for producing identical pieces like dining sets and cabinets. For the custom furniture maker, it is the dream mortise machine that can produce difficult angled tenons and mortises with in mere seconds.

JDS products are made to yield decades of dependable service. When only the best will do, you will be proud to have JDS tools in your shop.

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