Cutting Bits

Having a quality router tool is only half of having a quality shop setup. JDS offers the Titanium router bits and Carbide router bits that will complete the functionality of your router tool.

The potential advantages of a solid Carbide router bit include longer working life, increased cutting edge efficiency over time, hardness when machining at high temperatures, and a resistance to abrasion.

The longevity of a router tool can be greatly increased by using higher quality bits. Even higher quality than solid Carbide bits are Titanium Nitride coated router bits. Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a compound with extreme hardness and heat resistance. Ions of Titanium are mixed with Nitrogen ions in a vacuum chamber, and the mixture is applied to the cutting tool surface as a uniform coating of TiN. Being only .0001 inches thick, the shape and balance of the cutter remains virtually unaffected. Since TiN coating provides a slicker, freer cutting action, many jobs can be cut at a higher feed rate, increasing productivity. The longer tool life, higher feed rate, and superior finishes can result in substantial cost savings of up to 30 percent.

JDS router tools and bits are designed to give long service lives in the most demanding of work environments.

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