The mortise and tenon joint has been a favorite of woodworkers for thousands of years. Joinery is one of the most time consuming parts of carpentry projects, but with the Multi-Router, your shop can greatly reduce the amount of time and energy invested in creating your joints.

The Multi-Router is the ultimate mortise and tenon router for small shops. In fact, it is capable of box joints, decorative, and dovetail joints, double and floating tenons, and of course, the mortise and tenon. A unique system of templates and ball bearing tipped stylus enables you to produce a wide variety of dimensionally sound precision joints very quickly. Optional pneumatic clamps provide even quicker results for production runs.

The ball bearing stylus follows the exact movements of the router bit, and the template follows the exact movements of the wood. Following the template exactly while cutting enables you to produce any type of joint accurately and with great consistency. This kind of consistency is not found in any other mortise and tenon router.

The Multi-Router is a high-quality tool, built with linear bearings and heavy aluminum castings precision machined by a computer. The quality of construction and the compact design of this mortise and tenon router make it the ideal machine for small shops who are looking for a dependable router that will stand up to many years of daily use.

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