The Multi-Router Story

Our Story

The JDS MultiRouter was originally created in 1987 by JDS Tools. Today the Multi-Router is manufactured by Lorraine Machine, Inc. in Greenville, SC.  For over twenty-five years the Multi-Router has been providing superior products to craftsmen throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

The Multi-Router is a precision built, high-quality tool that is designed to give you years and years of accurate, dependable service. Seconds is all it takes to create mortises, tenons, box joints, dovetails, and even angled and compound angled joinery. The quality of construction and the versatility of the Multi-Router make for a truly remarkable and rewarding woodworking experience.

The Multi-Router has been recognized as one of the most creative new tools in the woodworking industry. Today, it still enjoys a fabulous reputation for its patented design and amazing functionality.


It has been over a year since Lorraine Machine acquired the Multi-Router and we are pleased with the success of this product brought on by our dedicated customers. We thank all of our customers and dealers who have aided in the growth of this product. With your support, we have been able to invest in our marketing of this quality product. Though these new marketing efforts we were able to exceed our first-year goal! As a result, we have been able to make engineering quality improvements, build inventory to provide faster delivery and improve customer satisfaction. 

We look forward to the years to come. 




The MultiRouter

Multi-Router is Manufactured in Greenville, SC

Multi-Router Manufacturing

An Upright Casting Being Precision Machined.

Multi-Router Assembly

The Multi-Router Assembly